Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday News

One recent great news is that Tonya Boyd became FDNY’s 1st Black woman Deputy Chief. She has made history and it's glorious news. She has worked in emergency services for decades in order for her to save lives literally. “I’m so excited and I am so blessed,” the EMS officer told the Daily News. “After hearing about the promotion, I couldn’t believe it. I feel like I’ve knocked down a door and opened it for a lot of EMTs just starting on this job,” said Boyd. “African-American women will see someone who looks like them as a deputy chief and they will know more is possible — their careers won’t top out at paramedic or even lieutenant,” said the captain of Station 39 in Brooklyn. She has worked hard throughout her entire life and this news will inspire more human beings to follow their dreams and aspirations. Congratulations to Sister Tonya Boyd. One of the most inspiring stories of our generation is of the story of Sister Ida Keeling. She is a runner and she is 102 years old. She lives in Harlem, NYC. She holds Masters records in 60 meter and 100 meter distances for women in the 95-99 and 100-plus age groups. Keeling's story was featured in a segment in the Carl Reiner-hosted documentary If You're Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast, on aging over 90, which premiered on HBO in June 2017. She started to run at the age of 67. She also gives secret s on how she lived so long on this Earth too. These secrets are the following:
-Escape drama
-Ally with positive people
-Promote positivity.
-Sticking it out on accomplishing your goals.
So, she is a great role model and an inspirational human being.

Today is the late Birthday of the hip hop artist Russell Tyrone Jones or ODB. He was a gentle person and he was part of the group Wu Tang Clan. He was born in 1968 in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NYC. He loved hip hop. He had his own unique musical style. He inspired people to be their own individual selves. He also collaborated with many well known artists from Mariah Carey to Pras plus Mya. His life wasn't a crystal stair. The police shot at him 8 times when he had no weapon. He survived miraculously. He did many good things in his life and he made mistakes. There are no justifications for his errors. Yet, he loved his family and his children. Those, who really cared for him, helped him. He was a man who suffered hurt and he passed away very young at the year of 2004. I was in my early 20's when he passed. Today, we realize his life, so we recognize the value of human life in general.

In Jamestown, I saw a picture of a Bible verse from a recreation of a church in Jamestown. Back in the 1600's, most English settlers were Anglicans (or part of the Church of England). Back then, it was mandatory for settlers to go into church and worship as Anglicans (or face punishment). It would be years later, where Virginia and areas nationwide would legalize religious freedom (or the right to worship God as we desire). This is what the freedom of religion is all about (or believing in God as we desire without oppression). The verse in the picture looks elegant. This was also a re-enactor in Jamestown too. He spoke about how the English settlers used a specialized method to fire muskets. Muskets are old school guns that takes up to 2-3 minutes to fire one bullet. He fired a blank gun. He spoke about how the Native Americans originally had the upper hands in battling the English, because the Native American knew of the territory and fought readily in guerrilla warfare. The British used forts and provoked the Native Americans to fight in open lands. The metal helmet that he was wearing was used by the English back then. I also saw the top of a Native American Powhatan settlement (in a recreation). The top is open in allowing smoke to come out of the location. I have been inside of this location and it is sturdy and strong. You have to walk into a small opening and the inside is tall. It is filled with wood. It has baskets to preserve foods and it has animals skins for clothing and sleeping purposes.

The U.S. House passed a multitrillion dollar tax break for corporations and the wealthy. If this bill is passed by the Senate and signed into law, this will give corporations and the very wealthy trillions of dollars in tax cuts. It will increase the deficit and promote more assaults on basic social programs like Medicare and Social Security. The oligarchy benefits from this bill as the oligarchy influences both major parties. The military industrial complex allied with the intelligence community plus the oligarchy is real. The stock market has increased, which means that Wall Street is growing in its power. The bill is called, “Tax Cut and Jobs Act.” It was approved on a party line vote of 227 to 205. No Democrats voted for the measure and 13 Republicans voted against the bill. Many Republicans who voted against the bill came from high tax states like New York, New Jersey, and California. These states will suffer harshly because the bill ends federal income tax deductions on state and local income and sales taxes. This plan is a tax cut for billionaires. The Trump administration is desperate to support this legislation. The tax cuts will not benefit the majority of the poor or the middle class. These tax cuts will go to the large corporations and super rich according to multiple analyses. U.S. corporations are sitting under $2 trillion in cash and they refuse to invest in new plants, housing, schools, and infrastructure. Some of them want more cuts in wages and benefits.

Wall Street is salivating because the tax rollback for the rich—the corporate tax rate under the bill will be the lowest since 1939 and the estate tax will be eliminated in 2025—will enable the financial aristocracy to further pad its bank accounts and lord it over the bottom 90 percent with even more obscene displays of personal wealth.  The House and Senate tax bills currently working their way through Congress both slash the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent. The Democrats are proposing a cut in the corporate rate to between 25 percent and 28 percent.  So, both parties want corporate tax rate cuts. According to Congress’s nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation, the House bill would increase the federal deficit over ten years by $1.4 trillion as a result of lost federal tax revenues. The bulk of that loss would come from the cut in the corporate tax rate, accounting for $1.5 trillion. Another $696 billion cut would result from the elimination of the alternative minimum tax, which applies to households with incomes of $200,000 to $1 million. We need progressive solutions instead of this tax bill.

By Timothy

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Black Agenda Report Important Articles (on November 2017)

410 Years After Jamestown

I have been to Jamestown, Virginia days ago. I have learned a lot about its history. I already know many things about Jamestown, but now, I have a bigger picture understanding about its existence. The first inhabitants of Virginia were Native Americans. Native Americans who lived around Jamestown back then were the Powhatan. They spoke the Algonquian language in the Coastal Plain region of Virginia (in the Piedmont region of Virginia, many Native American tribes centuries ago spoke Siouan). Centuries ago, the capital of the Powhatan tribes was the location called Werowocomoco. After the Ice Age, they greatly came into VA. Spanish explorers visited Virginia, but the English were the first Europeans to develop a permanent settlement. By 1607, they formed a settlement in Jamestown. At first, they had more cordial relations with the Native Americans. Native Americans used open arms to help the English. Later, we know the rest of the story. War existed, Native Americans were displaced of their lands unjustly, many Native Americans died because of diseases, and many English died because of starvation (it was a new climate and many of the English didn't have extensive experience in agriculture in Jamestown). Wealthy British figures wanted gold, control of land, and power blatantly. John Rolfe was an English person who expanded the tobacco trade and expanded the Virginia Colony's influence and research. The story of Pocahontas existed during the First Anglo-Powhatan war, which was about Jamestown settlers and Native Americans fighting each other. Pocahontas' original name was Matoaka. She was kidnapped and learned of the ways of the English.

She later married John Rolfe and a temporary peace existed among the Powhatan and the English. After her passing, war was on and the Native Americans suffered continued genocide, murder, and oppression. By the 1700's, most of the Powhatan were either killed or their populations radically declined. Pocahontas' father was chief Powhatan (who lived in the Tsenacommacah or Tidewater Virginia). In essence, Pocahontas was an ambassador and a peacemaker. She passed away in 1617. Jamestown was the capital of the Virginia colony, then Williamsburg, and then Richmond, which is the modern capital of the State of Virginia. I saw a gift shop, a museum, recreation of Native American homes, re-creation of ships, and other locations. It was a great trip and the older woman tour guide was very educated and knew her stuff. I saw information about Africans in the museum too (from facts about Angola and the slave trade. It talked about earlier African cultures too. Africa is the location of the origin of human life, so as a black person, I will always love Africa). It was cold outside, so I had my jacket on. The Native Americans used animals, water, trees, and so many resources to live their lives back then. They used fire to make canoes for transportation. They used advanced creative technology to build homes and to survive in Nature. So, I have a great amount of respect for the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Providentially, I came today into Jamestown in about 410 years after 1607. I took many pictures of the areas in Jamestown.

Also, festivals existed for thousands of years among many creeds. The Thanksgiving the we know about has a long history. The Pilgrims left England because they experienced religious persecution from the Church of England. The problem with the Pilgrims is that many of them were complicit in the slaughter and murder of Native Americans. Many of the Pilgrims traveled into Holland before going into America. The Puritans wanted to reform the Church of England while the Pilgrims wanted a complete break from the Church of England. At first, I got Pilgrims and Puritans confused. Now, I know the difference. The Puritans were usually richer than the Pilgrims. Yes, the Native Americans experienced mass genocide and diseases as a product of Western imperialism. We certainly know about the past, so we can make a better future. When you think about it, this story is similar to the Jamestown story. In the Jamestown story, English settlers almost completely starved to death (in Virginia. The Powhatan tribes lived there and spoke the Algonquian language. One Powhatan capital in the area was called Werowocomoco). I'm from Virginia, so we were always taught about the Nottoway, the Siouan language, and other Native American tribes in Virginia. Later, Native Americans taught them how to plant crops in Virginia. Later, the Powhatan Native Americans were mostly exterminated in the Coastal Plain region of Virginia. In New England, the Pilgrims were dying off until the Native Americans taught them to live in the American environment.

More human beings are no longer on the sidelines on this issue as a result of Kaepernick's courage. His actions has a resonance, because what he is doing is not only right, but it is necessary to address the vitally important issue of injustice. American football has been in existence for almost 150 years and Colin Kaepernick has shown that there are things much more important than a game. They are justice, human dignity, and our inalienable rights as black people. Roy Moore is a disgusting man. I do hope that Moore loses the election. Moore is a stone cold bigot who believes that certain human beings are not people. He doesn't want any Muslim to hold public office. The decent people of Alabama hopefully can vote him out. The abuse of a 14 year old girl is reprehensible. This is beyond politics and any supporter of Moore is a total disgrace. The victims of this monster Moore are crying. They are hurting. That coward Moore deserves no respect. This is why we won't be silent on this issue. This is why we will support the rights of any victim of abuse period.

Yesterday was Birthday of Brother Joseph Simmons or Brother Rev. Run. For decades, he was part of the innovative hip hop group RUN DMC. This group made history in many ways. He was born in Queens, NYC. He was raised in the Hollis neighborhood. The group RUN DMC merged rock and rap in many of their records. They were the first hip hop group to go gold, to go platinum, and to be nominated for a Grammy. They are the first hip hop group to go multiplatinum too. Joseph Simmons now has a family and he loves his wife a great deal. He was in the realty TV show Run's House from 2005 to 2009. Family, spirituality, and music are large components of his life that he enjoys to express. He is a blessed man. I wish Brother Joseph Simmons a great Birthday. One of the greatest philanthropist and young heroes of our time is Sister Monique Coleman. For years, she has not only been in TV and movies. She has been active to help communities, speak on important issues, and inspire the young generation in achieving their goals with zeal. She is 37 years old and she was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She is a dancer, entrepreneur, singer, and philanthropist. She has worked in theater since she was a young person. She is famous for her role in High School Musical. She was in ABC's Dancing with the Stars show as well. Monique Coleman has worked in international anti-poverty initiatives as defeating poverty is a priority in our 21st century world. She continuously inspires the youth to be active in their communities as the future belongs to them basically. Monique Coleman has traveled the world to advance international peace and the cultivation of tolerance plus justice in the world. Also, it is right to do right by fellow people and to work towards social justice. She is a very kind person and I wish Sister Monique Coleman more blessings.

By Timothy